Stewarding the Land

The landscape around our retreat center and farm has been quietly developing into a tapestry of tall trees, a diverse understory, and a community of wildlife. In fact, it’s not so quiet anymore! Birds and insects of every color and pitch sing as the wind plays the leaves and water gently gurgle as it filters underneath it all. New Ecological stewardship practices are bringing new flowers, fruits and creatures to celebrate with us. Some of our recent achievements include:

Meadow Restoration

In 2017, we transitioned more than 25 acres of mowed grass into wildlife meadows that embrace our landscape, creating a beautiful sense of place, food, shelter, fresh air, and pure air

Tree Planting

In the Chesapeake Region, forests which once covered 95% of the watershed now only cover 55%. The long-term benefits of planting trees are numerous and far-reaching. To help address this issue, Pearlstone is planting hundreds of trees on our campus. Click to learn more and join us in this endeavor!

Plant a tree at Pearlstone

Raven Spotting

In the spring of 2017, we spotted a family of ravens raising their young in a large nest on our campus. While more common in the cliffs of western Maryland, nesting ravens are rare in central Maryland. They turned out to be the second nesting pair of ravens found in Baltimore County - ever!

Controlled Burns

Many Americans are grassland stewards – collectively managing a massive monoculture. And the cost is massive too – water pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, habitat loss, greenhouse gas emissions, and a whole lot of work and worry go into keeping up the appearance of a manicured lawn.

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