Pearlstone is parking the lawn mower and preparing for a fire!

Many Americans are grassland stewards – collectively managing a massive monoculture.

And the cost is massive too – water pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, habitat loss, greenhouse gas emissions, and a whole lot of work and worry go into keeping up the appearance of a manicured lawn.  In 2017 Pearlstone began the process of converting 45 acres of grassland from lawn to meadows.

Already these young meadows are home to many species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals.  As opposed to creating pollution, grasses that are managed as a meadow are constantly purifying water, air, and sequestering carbon.

This spring, Pearlstone is re-introducing fire to this landscape.  Fire and grasslands have an ancient, natural and beneficial relationship.  You could say they are old friends!

To learn more about our controlled burns and how you can volunteer to help, email: Pearlstone Volunteers or call 410-500-5382