How can fire heal and transform the land?  Come see for yourself!

Prescribed fire has been a key ingredient for healing and transforming this land.  Fire and grasslands have an ancient, natural and beneficial relationship.  You could say they are old friends…Curious?

On March 30th, Pearlstone completed a controlled burn of over 15 acres of meadows! You are invited to join our Land Stewards and regional expert James Remuzzi as we share the story of the healing impact of skillfully reintroducing fire to the land.

After the Fire: A Walk in the Meadow: Tuesday, May 4th | 4 pm – 5:30 pm

The program begins at 4 pm. Please allow ample time for passing through a security check point for health screening verification, and parking. We recommend arriving around 3:45 pm. Feel free to bring a picnic and enjoy extended time on campus.

Due to Covid-19, it important to let us know you are coming. Please use the following form to register:

It's almost Berry season!

Strawberry season is from late May – early June. Our pick your own Certified Organic strawberry field is open to the general public