Healthy ecosystems promote healthy life

Pearlstone has begun large-scale ecological restoration on 1,300 linear feet of stream.

Natural Channel Design re-aligns the stream structure and flow back state of health that is self-forming and self-maintaining.

With support from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Maryland Department of Natural Resources, this project will provide substantial nutrient and sediment reductions.

Pearlstone EcoTone Water Restoration Video 1

Learn all about Stream Restoration in this 6-minute video!

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Pearlstone EcoTone Water Restoration Video 3

Take a walk to the meadows, wetlands, ponds, and stream restoration to experience pure water and thriving ecosystems across Pearlstone’s 180-acre campus. (4-minute video)

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While ecological uplift is the main driver for design, this project presents unique opportunities to create Mikvah pools and stream-side gathering areas in harmony with the natural function of the stream.

The restoration process happens in sections – completing a few hundred feet of the stream bed at a time. It may look messy to start, but the outcome will be stunning!

The restored stream will be a riffle-pool sequence. Water is pumped around the area where contractors grade the stream bed to install riffle – the rocky and shallow part of the stream – before it gets to the deeper pooling area.

Water Quality Improvement Projects

Stream Restoration is is one of several ecological projects to address water quality.
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Healing the Water Across our Campus

We are in the process of designing and constructing several projects to implement stormwater management best practices. When complete, we will prevent approximately 325,000 pounds of pollutants from contaminating the water each year!

Thank you to our partners and funders!