Jack Pearlstone had a deep commitment to a bright Jewish future characterized by vision, innovation and energy.

In 1982, Jack’s son Richard Pearlstone, in partnership with The Associated, founded The Jack Pearlstone Institute for Living Judaism  in memory of his father.

In 2001, after nearly 20 years of connecting people to Jewish heritage and traditions through various programs and events, the physical space now known as Pearlstone opened its doors.

Our Mission

Pearlstone is fertile ground for Living Judaism, embracing the entire range of the Jewish community and forging connections in mind, body, and soul.

Pearlstone ignites Jewish passion, enabling and inspiring vibrant Jewish life through our beautiful retreat center, sustainable farm, and dynamic Jewish educational programs.

Welcoming young Jewish families, young adults, baby boomers, and beyond, Pearlstone cultivates a vibrant and sustainable Jewish community for all, connecting us to Jewish tradition, the earth, and each other.


We are inspired each day to live by the values that help to define the Pearlstone experience


We create intimate and personal connections between people, no matter their background or affiliation.

Genuine and open

We embrace all with loving warmth.

Simplify and focus

We help people place emphasis on the fundamental elements of life.

Foster spiritual experiences

Our environment and programs integrate body, mind, heart and soul.

Connect people and earth

We connect people to the land, so they value the connection between both; Adam and Adamah.

Joyous, hands-on experiences

We provide impactful educational experiences.

Bring Jewish values to life

To enable people to connect to Jewish roots and inspire them to live those values.

Environmentally friendly

We embody, teach and inspire the practice of environmental sustainability.

Living our Values

These values help us strive toward our goal of Living Judaism, the immersive experiential practice of applying Jewish wisdom to our lives and our world every day. As people, plants and animals thrive all around us, we know we are on the right path.

Pearlstone by the Numbers

180 Acres of forest, meadows and farmland
1982 Year the Jack Pearlstone Institute for Living Judaism was founded
2001 Year Pearlstone Retreat center opened
20,000+ Annual participants
55 Dedicated employees

National Recognition

We are proud to be recognized nationally for the innovative environmental impact we are making on our community.