Moving Forward Together

“…Together we are committed to making Pearlstone, Hazon, and the JOFEE & Jewish retreating movements stronger and more impactful than ever before… Together we will navigate the years ahead, together we will face the climate crisis, and together we will bring joy, inspiration, and love…”

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Joint Statement from both organizations

"Hazon, the largest faith-based environmental organization in the U.S., and Pearlstone, one of the largest Jewish retreat centers and Jewish outdoor education sites in North America, announced today that their boards of directors have unanimously approved a proposal to merge the two organizations...."

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A message from Pearlstone leadership

"We write today with great pride for all we have accomplished together since Pearlstone’s founding almost 20 years ago, and even greater excitement for what lies ahead...."

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A message from Hazon leadership

"...The organization has always been about hazon - about vision. Despite - because of - huge challenges in the world, we’ve always wanted this organization to be about a positive vision. To connect, to support, to catalyze..."

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Mission, Vision, & Values

We are leading a transformative movement weaving sustainability into the fabric of Jewish life...

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Building a movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all!

Innovative - Immersive - Transformative

Connecting to Jewish identity, inspiring the next generation of leaders,