Pearlstone’s JEDI Statement

“Do not disdain any person. Do not underrate the importance of anything for there is no person who does not have their hour, and there is nothing without its place in the sun.”

~ Pirkei Avot (the wisdom of our teachers)

Pearlstone celebrates diversity, and together we work towards equity and justice. Our staff, board, guests, participants, and volunteers embody diversity and intersectionality in national origin, indigeneity, race and ethnicity, religion and spirituality, gender, sexuality, age, marital status, and persons with disabilities. We share and learn across cultures and experiences, growing together through open dialogue and a shared commitment to justice. We strive to confront our implicit biases, eradicate discrimination, and embody equity in our processes and outcomes—as an organization and as a community.

Our current focus in staff and board training and organizational action is in four key areas: racial justice, LGBTQ+, gender equity, and interfaith. We are working to understand and respond to these issues as a Jewish organization, retreat center, farm, outdoor environmental education center, and community sustainability coalition. We make mistakes, we seek forgiveness, and we continue to work towards making things right.

At Pearlstone, We choose love.

Created by members of Pearlstone’s Justice Committee and Staff, and approved by Pearlstone’s Board of Directors.
Date: April 20, 2021

Our Values are 24/7 – 365

We are inspired each day to live by the values that help to define the Pearlstone experience. These values help us strive toward our goal of Living Judaism, the immersive experiential practice of applying Jewish wisdom to our lives and our world every day. As people, plants and animals thrive all around us, we know we are on the right path. Join us!

Our Values

We connect people to the land so they can understand and value the connection between people and earth and easily focus on the fundamental elements of life. We teach through motivating, joyous, and hands-on experiences.

The environment that we create, and the programming that we offer, fosters memorable spiritual experiences and ignites vibrant Jewish life.

JEDI Committee

All staff led committee that implements justice, equity, diversity and inclusion work across our campus for the benefit of our staff, board, guests, participants, and volunteers.

Justice Committee

A committee of board members, community leaders, and staff focused on the justice work of Pearlstone and its community partners across Maryland.