Sustainability is at the core of Pearlstone’s Operations and Community Engagement Program

Our Community Sustainability Department embodies the Jewish value of preserving the earth’s resources for future generations, thereby enhancing community vibrancy and our quality of life. Our mission is to foster a culture where sustainability and environmental health are integral to Baltimore’s Jewish community. By reducing our environmental impact and by increasing environmental-behaviors in the operations of Pearlstone, The Associated, its agencies and Jewish Baltimore, we strive forward with the spirit of collaboration and leading by example.
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Charting the Course for Environmental Change in Maryland

Dec 9, 2019, 6:00 p.m. | Brown Advisory
Join your peers, learn from trusted environmental advocates and plot your course for advocating in Maryland’s upcoming legislative session.

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Sustainable Meetings and Events

We operate our Retreat & Conference Center with Sustainability as a guiding principle. From our Farm To Table culinary program to the cleaning products we choose and the recycled paper we print on, we make the environmentally friendly choice whenever possible.


Community Solar

It doesn’t matter if you rent, lease or own your home. You can take advantage of community solar if you pay a utility bill. Neighborhood Sun & Pearlstone have partnered up to make sure every Marylander has an opportunity to get clean energy powering their home and each subscription through this page provides a donation to Pearlstone.

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Community Engagement

We foster a culture where sustainability and environmental health are integral to Baltimore’s Jewish community.


Land Stewardship

Our entire farm and all of our facilities are nestled within a container of meadows, forests, and streams. New Ecological stewardship practices are bringing new flowers, fruits and creatures to our landscape.

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We are proud that many of our green initiatives have been recognized by several leading environmental institutions.