Pearlstone staff are invited to share our harvests this season!

  • Each week from May to October Pearlstone farmers will harvest 4-5 items from Pearlstone’s certified organic farm to share with you.  Sign up today!
  • Staff will pay for the season in advance and receive harvests weekly.
  • The harvest will allow you to eat with the seasons.  In the Spring there will be strawberries, lettuce, snap peas, parsley, and more.  In the Summer tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, onions, basil and more.  In the Fall we’ll enjoy carrots, beets, kale, garlic, cilantro, and more.
  • The current forecast is for a 24-week season with first harvest Wednesday May 19th and the final harvest to be Wednesday October 6th
  • Shares will be available from noon to 4pm each Wednesday on the cart in front of the retreat center entrance.
  • As part of Pearlstone’s employee incentive program your share of the harvest will be discounted!
  • Price Levels: $180 is the recommended discounted staff price.  This harvest is offered on a sliding scale from $120 to $240 to allow participants to pay according to individual means. Paying at the lowest level covers only a portion of the costs while paying at the highest supports our ability to offer a sliding scale.  For peace of mind, please know that all shares will receive more than $240 of produce.  Please pay at the highest level you are able to afford at this time.  You’re welcome to participate – should you need further financial assistance please contact Greg gstrella@pearlstonecenter.org or 717.350.3730

(If you are joining mid-way thru the season (late July) the recommended staff price is now $120, and the sliding scale options still remain.)

To register for your share of the harvest please complete this form:


Questions? Contact Greg