Yibaneh – We will build this World with Love

The Yibaneh Apprenticeship is an 8 month program from March through November for adults.  Yibaneh integrates Jewish and wilderness education, organic farming, intentional community, social justice and spiritual practice.  Yibaneh includes a Permaculture Design Course and Certificate.   Apprentices chose either a Jewish education or a farm track.  In the farm track our apprentices work along aside our full time farmers in our farm-to-table organic educational and production farm. In our Jewish educator track, Apprentices work with our outdoor educators to staff our immersive Jewish holiday celebrations, Tiyul Adventures summer camp and year programs, Family Farm Festivals, young adult engagement, Baltimore city school partnerships, congregational field trips, retreat guest engagement, and much more.  The eight apprentices – four educators and four farmers –will live, learn and work on the beautiful Pearlstone campus.

Pearlstone is fertile ground for living Judaism, embracing the entire range of the Jewish community and forging connections in mind, body, and soul. Pearlstone ignites Jewish passion, enabling and inspiring vibrant Jewish life through our beautiful retreat center, sustainable farm, and dynamic Jewish educational programs. Targeting young Jewish families, young adults, baby boomers, and beyond, Pearlstone cultivates a vibrant and sustainable Jewish community for all, engaging more than 20,000 participants annually through our retreat center and programs. Pearlstone’s expanded its campus of 180 acres includes a lake, ropes course, and additional multi-purpose buildings that can be used for wide range of functions, further connecting guests to Jewish tradition, the earth, and each other.



March 12th – November 17th, 2019


Room and Board:

Apprentices live communally in a large 4 bedroom 4 bathroom house bordering Pearlstone’s property.

Apprentices will be paid for the work they perform. Apprentices will be responsible for cooking their own breakfast and dinner, but will partake in the staff lunch in the dining room Sunday-Thursday.



With an extensive and continuously growing farm as well as forest and meadows, Pearlstone is bursting with an abundance of learning habitats. This program, aimed at adults, will provide a space to learn and grow amongst the plants and trees and learn from nature through the lens of Torah.


As a premier JOFEE (Jewish Outdoor Farming Food and Environmental Education) institution, apprentices will learn and participate in the dynamic and diverse programs and retreats that Pearlstone offers. Educators will be trained in the JOFEE pedagogy and conduct programs ranging from pickling workshops to Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot retreats as well as TEVA and Tiyul. Farm apprentices will, among other things, work with the farm staff tending to the production and education farms including maintaining annual and perennial plants and providing animal care. Farm apprentices will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to grow food on a large scale using organic and permaculture techniques.


Apprentices will not only be cultivating the land the but also their spiritual practice. Apprentices will participate in Avodat Lev in the mornings, have the chance to use the natural Mikveh, and decide as a community how they want to celebrate Shabbat and holidays. Building on experiential learning combined with work, apprentices will participate in weekly learning sessions (Torah, sustainability, environmental issues, social justice, etc.) conducted by various Pearlstone staff or guest educators. We are privileged to be in a community with so many knowledgeable people and in an area that attracts people from all around the world.


Questions? Contact Sarah Rovin