Our community needs us now more than ever!

With your gift, Pearlstone will donate our handmade Goat’s Milk Soap to students struggling every day with the effects of poverty and homelessness.

Giving locally works right away in our communities!

Improve the lives of Baltimore County students living in poverty.

The Student Support Network partners with school staff to assist qualified students in need to improve their lives and support their education by providing food, other basic necessities, and advocacy support.

During the current crisis, the Student Support Network has distributed thousands of meals and grocery gift cards to support students dependent on school meals.

Learn More at www.studentsupportnetwork.org

We sell our soap for $8 per bar. For this cause, we will discount our soap for larger gifts:

3 bars for $7.67 each | 5 bars for $7.20 each | 7 bars for $7.14 each | 10 bars for $7.00 each | 15 bars for $6.47 each | 25+ bars for $6 each

Thanks to these generous Donors!

We look forward to recognizing our donors here. And thanks to all you generous Anonymous donors! We have donated 32 bars so far.

Thank you for supporting this cause!

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Goat's Milk Soap is just one of a few items we sell in our gift shop - which is now virtual!

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