Pearlstone worked tirelessly to reimagine, redefine, and reinvent the organization in the face of persistent uncertainty and constant change.  We dedicated ourselves to two basic objectives:

  1. Be of Service: Help our diverse local constituencies navigate this crisis utilizing our unique capacity and organizational core competencies.
  2. Survive: As we stay true to our values and assist with crisis response, we must retain and sustain our core talent and infrastructure so we can grow back with strength in the future.

As always, we approached the task of reinventing Pearlstone anchored in our core values:

  • Living Judaism: living our values, embodied experiential Jewish wisdom and ethics, speaking to contemporary issues facing our society.
  • Connectedness: cultivating relationship to community, to land, to self, and to spirituality.
  • Love: bringing genuine love to each daily encounter across our diversity of guests & participants.

We developed new, impactful enterprises to stay connected to our guests and serve our community:


We adapted every element of our operation as necessary while continuing to provide opportunities for integrating Jewish learning with nature connection: