The holiday of Shavuot is the rededication of the marriage between Creator and Creation – our rediscovery of how to live as part of nature.

Shavuot is the celebration of the culmination of the grain harvest and the first of the fruit harvest.

Sitting at the peak of the dry season in Sivan, the 3rd month in the Hebrew Calendar. This moment is seen as the height of the year, when we receive the Torah on Mount Sinai which is the expression of the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration we receive from the natural world.

Shavuot at Pearlstone

We honor this holiday with an immersive retreat filled with inspiring Jewish learning, spirited singing, festive farm-to-table meals, and a pluralistic community building experience. Participants enjoy multiple learning tracks about Judaism and sustainability, keynotes from guest scholars, delicious, healthy food, music, and activities for people of all ages. This multi-generational gathering of participants, both local and distant, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience deep Torah learning and collective communal engagement.