What is Tu B’Shvat?

A New Year for the Trees, their collective birthday.  In Israel around this time is when the first almond trees bloom, as the sap rises and spring is on the horizon.

We honored the holiday in 2021 with a wonderful community celebration. While unable to be together physically, we gathered virtually with as much warmth and love as if we had been together in person. 

The seder is a journey through the Four Worlds of Tu B’Shvat:

music: "We Rise" by Batya Levine

The World of Assiyah (Action) with with David Ben Yehuda

The World of Yetzirah (Emotion) with Michal Wetzler

The World of Briyah (Mind/Vision) with Ravit Greenberg & Gabe Axler

The World of Atzilut (Spirit) with Rabbi Psachyah Lichtenstein

A Tu B'Shvat Tradition

Honor someone with the gift of a tree

Plant a Tree at Pearlstone


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