Pearlstone Kitchen Fresh Meal Delivery Service

From Our Farm to Your Table

Let the bounty of Pearlstone’s kitchen offer you meals that are comforting, nourishing, and delicious.

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  • Fresh Seasonal Menus with periodic specials.

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  • Kosher under OU supervision
  • All Pearlstone Farm Produce is Certified Organic.
  • Delivered to your home by contactless driver service.  
  • No added delivery fee for orders over $60 and within delivery map


Send a meal to someone you love!

Order a menu and select the "Gift to someone else" option to have a delicious meal delivered to someone as a gift

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We are thrilled to partner with LifeBridge Health to support Healthcare Heroes. Every donated meal ($20 each) will be part of a group dinner delivered to local hospitals. Nourish these caregivers while they care for those in need! Join this expression of gratitude by adding donated meals to your order or making a direct donation here:

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Pearlstone Kitchen Made Possible by these Good Folks!

Rebecca Pauvert

Executive Chef

Edwin Gonzales

Sous Chef

Rachael Walkins

Director of Food Service

Lee Fenner

Sales Coordinator

It is our honor to nourish our guests in body, mind, heart and soul. 

Pearlstone food honors the bounty of our seasons, the traditions of our ancestors & the integrity of sustainable agriculture.

We strive to provide consciously sourced, wholesome, delicious food inspired by crops grown on our farm and prepared with love.

Pearlstone Farm-To-Your Table meals are the same great food you love eating at Pearlstone, now available for delivery. New to Pearlstone's healthy cuisine? Order Now!

Let us bring fresh, healthy food to your door!

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Love Letters from our Fans

“The presentation was beautiful, the reheating instructions were spot on, and we appreciated the recyclable, reusable, and compostable packaging.”
“Our favorites of the meal were the Peruvian chicken, gefilte fish and the fresh salad (my husband wants to buy the dressing in a larger quantity!).”
“It was so beautiful and tasty, and I especially loved that my kids loved it!”
Tonight our candle light romantic dinner at the (Name removed) residence, was catered by the Pearlstone Culinary Masters and it was outstanding…just major Kudos to our entire kitchen and food service team. The dinner was a real treat and a gourmet experience and an excellent value."
“We genuinely enjoyed our Shabbat dinner from the Pearlstone kitchen. Everything was presented beautifully, the meal was fresh, bountiful, and delicious. We felt like we were enjoying fine, kosher dining right in our home.”
“We have already received two orders and they were absolutely delicious. Everyone down to my 2 year old enjoyed. I also purchased an order for a neighbor as a gift and they loved it; they said they plan on ordering for themselves too. Thank you allowing us to enjoy such freshly made and lovingly prepared food.”
“Lots of food, so I haven’t had a chance to sample everything yet, but the Peruvian chicken was so tender and amazing, and I shall probably dream about the roasted potatoes, carrots and beets tonight!”
“For waaaay less than the cost of eating out, you get an amazing meal that you can also feel good about. Organic, sustainable, and oh-so-delicious. Even if you don’t keep Kosher, it’s an incredible deal and an incredible meal.”