Here are answers to some questions you might have:

What are the delivery fees?

Our prices include delivery within the Delivery Route Map. Anyone outside of the Delivery Route Map can place an order (don't submit payment) and contact us; we’ll charge a nominal fee for each mile outside of the delivery area subject to driver availability.

How will I know the menu?

We post menus on Wednesdays at noon. They are for the following week. The meals differ from day to day and for each week. Visit the Pearlstone Kitchen website each Wednesday to find out what we are cooking!

How will I know if the particular meal I want is sold out?

Our menus will say SOLD OUT when we are out of meals for that date. In addition, our order form won’t allow you to order for a date when we are SOLD OUT. We do expect to sell out every week and encourage you to order early.

What’s with the soup?

Pearlstone Kitchen makes delicious and hearty soups! You can add on as many quarts of soup as you would like to any order, and of any of the varieties offered that week. Order a meal for dinner and add on soup for lunch the next day! From time to time we will offer add-on salads and sauces, too!

What is the Kosher supervision?

Pearlstone Kitchen is under the supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU). All food will be wrapped and sealed in our kitchen before delivery.

What do the (M), (D) and (P) on the menus mean?

Since we are a Kosher facility, we separate our meat and dairy cooking and use different equipment. (M) is our way of saying that the particular meal was cooked on the meat side of our kitchen. (D) means that the particular meal was cooked on the dairy side of our kitchen. Items that are Vegetarian may have been cooked on the meat or dairy side, but do not contain meat. Vegan items may have been cooked on the meat or dairy side but do not contain any animal products or byproducts (such as honey). (GL) means gluten free. (P) means parve, which are items that are nether meat nor dairy.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

All food service staff are trained in safe and sanitary food handling practices. In addition, all cooks and delivery drivers have completed both the ServSafe COVID-19 Precautionary training for Takeout and Delivery service.

We abide by all Baltimore County Department of Health codes and regulations. Daily deep cleaning and sanitizing of all areas of our facility with approved disinfectants occur, including all surfaces and places of contact such as door handles and restrooms. All staff have their temperatures taken at the beginning of each shift and before entering the kitchen area. All food service staff and delivery drivers are required to wear masks and gloves at all times while preparing and handling food. Gloves will be changed at least every 30 minutes, during food preparation and hands washed each time gloves are changed, as well as anytime one enters the kitchen. All food items will be packaged and sealed inside the kitchen before taken for delivery, to maintain Kashrut and to avoid possible contamination. All food will be delivered cold, with applicable reheating instructions, to ensure best quality and food safety. All food will be delivered at your doorstep with contactless delivery.

What is contactless delivery?

Contactless delivery means that your food will be delivered to your door without any need for you and the driver to interact. If you want to offer your driver a tip, please add the tip to your order online. Friendly smiles and waves through the window are always appreciated!

Can I send a meal to someone else?

Pearlstone Kitchen meals make great gifts! You can order any meal and have it delivered to someone else. The delivery address and the payment address do not need to be the same. Pearlstone Kitchen meals are a thoughtful way to let others know you are thinking of them: teachers, neighbors, friends and family, healthcare workers, and others. Who’s on your list?

Can I get something from Pearlstone Gift Shop delivered at the same time as my meal?

We are working on it! Check our Pearlstone Kitchen website for more information on how to order some goat milk soap or a handmade ceramic mug!

Does the food come warm or cold?

Cold. All meals come fully prepared and temperature is based on safe food handling requirements. Cold items such as salads and desserts will come cold. Hot items such as entrees and soups will come cold with reheating instructions.

When is the last moment I can order a meal?

We expect dates to sell out quickly. We recommend that you place your orders each Wednesday when new menus are posted. If a date has not sold out, we will accept orders until 48 hours before the date, and Fridays by 3pm for the following Monday.

Still have questions? No problem.  Send any questions you might have to kitchen@pearlstonecenter.org.