Tu’ B’Shvat Winter Feast


1st cup: Assiah, World of Action

Baked Crotin of Goat Cheese topped with Chopped Pistachios and Date Drizzle, served with Crispy Flat Bread Crisps

2nd cup: Yetzirah, World of Emotion or Formation

Kohlrabi, Leek and Plum Salad topped with Pomegranate Ariels, served on a bed of Arugula

3rd cup: Berl’ah, World of Creation

Moroccan Spice Chilean Sea Bass with an Apple/Fig Drizzle, served with Caramelized Onion Confit and Vegetable/Potato Galette

4th cup: Atziluth, World of Emanation

Layered Fig and Pistachio Crumble, with an Anise/Cardamom Mascarpone & Plum Drizzle With Cardamom/Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Bark