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  • Farm and Forest School Ethical Covenent

    We are thankful for the tremendous response to our Farm and Forest school program and we are excited it is going so well. It is so important for our children to have these days interacting with their peers in safe yet powerful ways during these difficult times. Health and safety are our our number one priority for our staff and participants. In the face of a global pandemic and a health crisis impacting our community and as an institution of learning anchored in Jewish wisdom, it is incumbent upon us to forge a path that is respectful of the educational, social-emotional, AND health needs of our community. As parents, students, families, teachers, administrators and staff, we all have a part to play in ensuring the health and safety of all members of our community. The following ethical covenant lays out our communal expectations of one another in this time.  These expectations apply both when we are together on the Pearlstone Campus and when we are in our own homes, neighborhoods and communities outside of Pearlstone. These guidelines are designed to keep you healthy; as a member of larger communities, they are also designed to keep those around you healthy.
  • • As a parent, work with your child(ren) to practice and understand the value of participating in all measures designed to slow the spread of the virus• Wear a mask over mouth and nose and maintain physical distancing guidelines when on our property• Practice good hand hygiene and adhere to bathroom protocols when in the building• Complete and submit the daily COVID-19 screening questionnaire to access our campus• Stay home and keep your child at home when displaying any signs or symptoms of illness• Notify the program leadership when your child is sick• Work with your healthcare provider should you or any member of your household demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19• Should you or any member of your household test positive for COVID-19, immediately report this to the Pearlstone Program Leadership• Should you or any member of your household have a known exposure to an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19, immediately report this to the Pearlstone Program Leadership• Avoid non-essential travel, particularly to hotspots designated by federal and local departments of health. If such travel is essential, notify the program leadership and isolate as directed upon return
  • When not on-campus, students and families should adhere to practices as outlined by the CDC that reduce the chances of spreading or being infected by the virus, including:• When indoors with non-household members, remaining masked at all times and maintaining 6ft of social distancing. If 6ft of distancing is not possible, minimize exposure to under 15 minutes.• Medical appointments, parent jobs are general exceptions; we also understand that siblings who live at home and attend other schools may have slightly different policies at their schools.• When outdoors unmasked, with non-household members, maintaining a minimum of 6ft of distancing at all times.• When outdoors with non-household members and 6ft of distancing is NOT able to be maintained, remain masked and minimize exposure to under 15 minutes.Be an upstander by reminding others in your community to abide by these practices By maintaining the same procedures when on-campus and when off-campus in our daily lives, we protect our ability to keep our program open for on-campus learning. Non-compliance with any of the tenets of the agreement puts all members at an unnecessary and increased risk of virus exposure. Further, intentional and/or repeated non-compliance with the above measures may result in the loss of the privilege of participating or may result in the student being asked to remain home for a 14-day quarantine period.The primary intent of this agreement is to protect our health by minimizing exposure to COVID-19 and subsequent spread of the virus. The secondary goal is to help us to find our commonality and to guide us through this crisis so that we may emerge an even stronger community on the other side.• Assume that perspectives and decisions that differ from your own are offered with the best of intentions• Treat others with the same emotional generosity and empathy that you wish for yourself and your family I have read the above covenant and understand my responsibility as a member of the Pearlstone community.