Thank you for your interest in our Fire Circle Program.  Please complete this application form to secure your spot.

We are accepting applications for 3rd-7th graders and will be exploring ways to create a program specifically geared towards two cohort groups.

Please submit your application now. We cannot guarantee a spot in a specific pod until we see how this application process unfolds.  We will build pods based on many factors, so please indicate availability in your registration.  If we fill up a pod, we will hold your registration as an application for a future pod to be built.

This year, due to COVID we are making decisions on a month to month basis.  We are currently accepting applications for the Pilot Session, which consists of four classes on February 28th, March 21st, April 25, and May 23. Fire Circle is a warm up to our Rite of Passage program and may have future sessions. We will be closely monitoring the state of things in Maryland and be making additional decisions about the remainder of the year as things unfold. The price of each class is $50, so the session cost is the total number of classes x $50. Registration is for the whole session to create a strong cohort atmosphere.

If we need to cancel a week or more of class due to weather, COVID numbers, or other safety concerns, we will do our best to offer a make-up class.  If that is not possible, the unused class fees will roll forward to a future session. Refunds are available in select circumstances.

Please be in touch with Clara if you have any questions.