JCF Webinar: Jewish Community Farming with Orthodox Communities

WEBINAR & VIDEO 2pm Jan. 15.2019 

Join Yosef Gillers, Sarah Chandler, and Sara Just-Michael explore some of GrowTorah’s standards of practices, tips & tricks for working in Orthodox schools, opportunities in working with diverse communities, and take virtual tour of GrowTorah’s school gardens.


YOSEF GILLERS, Chief Soul and Soil Cultivator
(Founder, Executive Director)

Yosef is a creative and passionate experiential Jewish educator. He has directed wilderness survival and gardening programs, taught glassblowing, and worked as a counselor at 7 different camps including Moshava IO, Camp Yaalozu, Camp Stone. Yosef also worked at YUHSB, where the seed for GrowTorah sprouted, and he has been growing the organization ever since. Yosef is passionate about learning and teaching Torah in fun, engaging, and meaningful ways, and nature is his favorite classroom.


SARAH CHANDLER, Earth Torah Soul Genius
(Curriculum Associate + Garden Educator)

Sarah Chandler is a Brooklyn-based Jewish educator, ritualist, artist, activist, and poet. She previously served as the Director of Earth Based Spiritual Practice for Hazon’s Adamah Farm, where she was responsible for Food, Farm, and Forest Jewish Educational Programming. Through the Jewish Theological Seminary, Sarah earned an an M.A. in Jewish Education, an M.A. in Hebrew Bible, and a certificate in Contemporary Israel Education. She also holds a certificate in Non-Profit Management and Jewish Communal Leadership from Columbia University. She teaches, writes, and consults on a wide range of issues, and worked with Yosef on GrowTorah-related curriculum projects since GrowTorah’s seed stage!


SARA JUST-MICHAEL, Lashon HaTov Propagator
(Communications Associate + Garden Educator)

Sara is currently growing her own startup for business networking. Sara received her BA in Media Studies and Business Liberal Arts from Queens College and has worked in communications in several startups and small businesses. Sara is a regular Birthright Israel staffer and has worked teaching children at Alef Bet Preschool and teaching tennis at Westchester Summer Day. Sara draws inspiration from the concept that both people and plants reflect the care that is given to them.