The Power of Many Community: Supported Beekeeping


• Take a video tour of Shoresh’s four-acre Bella Farm Bee Sanctuary • Explore the Shoresh Honey House • Witness a real live honey harvest • Over 20 bee hives! • Programming content and materials

At Bela Farm, Shoresh is planting a four-acre Bee Sanctuary, caring for over 20 bee hives, and engaging our regional Jewish community in every step of our adventures in Jewish bee keeping!  In this webinar, Risa Alyson Cooper (Shoresh’s Executive Director) and Sabrina Malach (Director of Engagement) will give a brief overview of Shoresh’s unique approach to community supported beekeeping, including giving a video tour of the Bela Farm Bee Sanctuary, the Shoresh Honey House (and a real live honey harvest!), and walking through some of our favourite educational activities and program materials related to our pollinator pals.



Risa Alyson Cooper, Executive Director of Shoresh

Risa is an ardent educator, environmentalist, and urban homesteader!  She completed her B.A. Honours at Queen’s University in Comparative Religious Studies, and her M.A. at the Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto, focusing on Contemporary Jewish Environmental Ethics.  Upon graduating, Risa moved to rural Connecticut where she worked as a Jewish environmental educator at the Teva Learning Centre for three years.  She then transitioned into small-scale organic farming as a member of the Adamah Jewish Farming Fellowship where she grew vegetables on a four-acre farm, worked in a raw goat-milk dairy, and dabbled in the art of fermentation. In 2008, Risa returned to her native Toronto to work as the Director of Shoresh and to establish the Kavanah Garden, bringing together her experience in Jewish outdoor education with her love for Canadian soil and the plants and people that it sustains.  In 2010, Risa was profiled as a Woman to Watch by PresenTense Magazine and in 2012 she was honoured to be selected as a fellow in the prestigious Joshua Venture Group Dual Investment Fellowship.  In 2013, shortly following the birth of her daughter Ayda, Risa was awarded the Covenant Foundation’s Pomegranate Prize for exceptionalism in Jewish Education.  Risa believes that growing food sustainably is an expression of her deeply-rooted Jewish ethics.  Her favourite vegetable is the beet.


Sabrina Malach, Shoresh Director of Engagement

Sabrina began working with Shoresh in 2011 after spending six years working and volunteering in the Jewish Food Movement in New York and Israel. She participated in the Adamah Jewish Farming Fellowship in 2005, graduated from the Eco-Activist Beit Midrash in Jerusalem in 2006, and worked as the program assistant for Hazon from 2006-2007.  Upon returning to Toronto, Sabrina got an M.A in Environmental Studies from York University with a focus on pollinator protection in urban centres.  In 2010, Sabrina was awarded the Canadian Pollinator Advocacy Award from the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, and in 2014 she was selected to participate in TENT: Food NYC, a week-long program exploring food and Jewish culture in New York City.  Sabrina’s favourite vegetable is currently the humble yet nutritious turnip.