Introduction to Permaculture and Site Design for Gardeners, Homeowners, and Professionals!

Join us from 9am – 3pm Saturday April 22 to 9am – Noon and Sunday April 23 for interactive learning through classroom sessions, touring permaculture at Pearlstone, hands-on practice, relaxed conversation, and shared meals.

The physical layout of your business, home, and garden will be wind at your back or wind in your face. Structures, driveways, water, fences, wildlife…your site is a puzzle. You, your community, and your land have unique qualities. There are helpful themes and patterns in nature. Your site design can blend your goals, gifts, and values with nature’s patterns to benefit you, your community, and the Earth. Good design is fun, easy, inexpensive and empowering. This workshop will introduce permaculture site design as a useful framework for making observations and plans. We’ll share helpful tools, examples, stories in an inclusive and uplifting session of peer-to-peer learning.

– Learn permaculture’s definition and key ideas
– Experience living examples of permaculture at Pearlstone
– Practice business, home, and garden scale permaculture site design
– Hear our favorite permaculture tips and tricks for your space
– Join our fun, inclusive community of life-long-learners for this uplifting gathering!

Bring your preferred lunch, snacks, and water bottle. Dress to be comfortable indoors and outdoors. Most folks prefer a way to make notes.

Speaker Bio: Greg Strella, Director of Stewardship

Greg works with an incredible team to care for Pearlstone’s abundant 180 acres of forests, meadows, streams, agricultural fields, and beautiful facilities. Prior to joining Pearlstone in 2015, he helped lead the founding and development of Great Kids Farm – a 33-acre farm-based education campus for students of the 196 Baltimore City Public Schools. A master gardener since 2009, Greg has also served on the boards of several organizations including the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture and Future Harvest, and Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. As an artist by training Greg has more than 20 years of design, sustainable agriculture and site development experience across a diverse mosaic of communities and conditions in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Grow your permaculture understanding and community!

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Pearlstone offers a 13-day residential Permaculture Design Certificate course featuring Practical Permaculture author Dave Boehnlein.

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What will you learn in this workshop?

This workshop teaches you how to “read” a landscape. Identifying its unique features, opportunities, and constraints reveals its potential for maximum production and ecological uplift. Zone planning and other permaculture design strategies minimize the amount of energy and labor needed to create and maintain this productive landscape by mimicking the principals of natural ecosystems. Educators will demonstrate and guide participants through practice site analysis, map sketching, zone planning and other permaculture design exercises.