Join Pearlstone’s year-round educators as they guide you through some of our favorite crafts and projects

May Flower Scavenger Hunt with Clara

Put on your inspector hat, grab a pencil, and head out into nature with Clara's Scavenger Hunt List!

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Natural Dyeing

See lead Educator, Sarah Rovin's Zoom webinar lesson on natural dyeing using vegetables, from Tuesday, April 21.

Materials needed:
2 medium sized pot filled with water (come to the session with water close to boiling); 1-3 pennies; Collected onion skins (enough to fill an empty 2 qt pot)
or 1 Red cabbage; & Something cotton, linen or wool that you would like to dye

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Learn Pickling with Stern

In this video Stern teaches us how to pickle carrots, cucumbers and radishes.

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Matzah Making with Sarah (and David!)

Get Crafty with Sarah and David and learn how to make matzah using only flour and water in this Zoom webinar from April 6, 2020.

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Make Besamim with Sarah

Lead Educator, Sarah Rovin teaches how to make besamim (spice) bags from things you find at home.

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