Join Pearlstone’s Director of Sustainability, Joan Plisko, and our year-round educators for some fun and sustainable online gardening lessons, resources, and blogs.

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Gardening Videos in Joan’s Home Garden

DIY Trellis

Join Pearlstone's Community Sustainability Director, Joan, and her husband, Marc Plisko to learn how to make your own garden trellis.

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Fruit Trees

Take a walk out back with Joan and learn all about the fruit trees in her garden.

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Garden Journey with Joan

Take an updated tour of Joan's home garden to see how things are progressing.

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Plant Guilds

Plant guilds consist of many different species that coexist happily together. Learn all about them, Friday, May 15!

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Companion Planting

Learn about plant compatibility and which plants work together as helpful companions for healthy gardens.

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Seeds and Seedlings

It's more cost-effective to plant certain vegetables as seeds. Join Joan in her garden to learn all about seeds and seedlings!

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Learn about Pollinators

What's a Pollinator and what types of plants attract them? Pearlstone Director of Community Sustainability wants to tell you! Explore Joan's backyard garden with her and learn all about Pollinators!

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Lessons from Joan's Herb Garden, Part 2

We'll learn all about Chives, Lemon Balm and Thyme.

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Lessons from Joan's Herb Garden, Part 1

Take a tour through Joan's sustainable herb garden to learn how she uses parsley, rosemary and mint.

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Tour Joan's Garden

Joan Plisko, Pearlstone's Director of Community Sustainability gives a tour of her sustainable home garden.

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Other Sustainable Lessons for your Garden

Learn Composting with Stern

Stern teaches you how to compost at home. This video is good for all ages.

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Upcycle Planting with Clara

Learn how you can reuse items from your home as planters.

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Saving Energy with Joan and Clara

Learn where your home energy comes from and how you can save energy and money.

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Additional Gardening Resources