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A network of people freely sharing seeds and resources inspired by ancient Jewish earth-based traditions.  We are working together to restore our ancestral ways of farming, gathering and eating to create health and well-being for humans and our ecosystems, coming home to the natural world we belong to.

• Free online presentation of the “Bread from the Earth” on the history, biodiversity and teachings of Bread in the Jewish tradition.

• Recieving a Seed Library with the five original holy species of grain of Ancient Israel, and more, to plant, tend, harvest and share with a widening circle.

• Dried sourdough starter sharing & Recipes.

In collaboration with the Heritage Grain Conservancy (growseed.org) and Pearlstone Center’s “Grow your Own”


Pearlstone's Shavuot Sojourn: A Jewish Agricultural Journey

Come learn with us for 3 evenings, May 24-27, about the wheat harvest, bread making, and ancient Torah wisdom. We look forward to seeing you at the top of the mountain. See our full schedule of offerings and the bios of our presenters.

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