Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Sunday August 25 – Friday September 6, 2019

Join this full Permaculture Design Certificate Course including over 72 hours of lecture, hands-on activities, and exercises.

The course will start by covering the basic nuts & bolts of permaculture design (principles, process, methods, etc.) and provide you with the tools you need to see the world through holistic lenses. Then the course will provide you with a variety tools that you can use when creating your own designs.

These tools include:

  • annual production
  • agroforestry
  • soils and fertility management
  • energy systems
  • water management strategies
  • livestock
  • aquaculture
  • plant propagation
  • waste management
  • structures and natural building
  • social system design
  • financial strategies
  • and much more.

Finally, you will practice using what you’ve learned by working with a group to design a piece of property. Please note that this course is intensive! If you’re looking for a dawn to dusk, information-loaded Design Course, this is the one for you!

Course Tuition: $1535, includes delicious, mostly organic meals & materials. Participants may stay onsite in our bunkhouse accommodations, bring tents for camping, or commute.  Also includes a copy of Practical Permaculture by Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein. We’ll send it to you ahead of the course so you can read up!

Questions? Contact: Greg Strella, gstrella@pearlstonecenter.org or call 410-500-5382

Meet Our Instructors