Farm-to-table | Kosher-for-Pesach

Nearly any food allergy or dietary preference can be accommodated!
Bountiful gourmet buffets are served in the main dining room and in between meals, a Tea Room offers a variety of healthy, delectable snacks and and beverages.

The pride of our dining experience is our Farm-To-Table menus which incorporate fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers from our own farm. Don’t let the relaxed, natural atmosphere fool you into thinking our Pesach meals are simplistic. Under the strict kashrus supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU), Pearlstone’s innovative Executive Chef and spectacular culinary staff have reinvented Pesach recipes to showcase new foods and flavors with breath-taking style. Our impeccable dining staff set out bountiful and healthy gourmet buffets to delight every palate.

Each meal, whether milchig or fleishig, offers a fish or other parve entrée as well as a plethora of garden and dressed salads. Meeting your unique dietary needs is our specialty. Should anyone require vegetarian/vegan options, allergen-free alternatives or child-friendly selections for your family, we will work together to make sure you are all well-nourished and satisfied.

As the center of communal activity, the retreat center is always buzzing. Between meals, the Tea Room displays a variety of healthy, delectable items, and beverages are available continuously throughout the day.