With heavy hearts we must inform you that our Immersive Pesach Retreat at Pearlstone will not occur in 2021 due to Covid-19 concerns.

We are offering limited Pesach 2021 Getaways: review pricing and availability here.

Join us for Pesach 2022!

Pesach at Pearlstone provides a beautiful, Torah observant communal atmosphere, engaging participants of all ages and perspectives with comfort, care, and entertainment. Whether you’ve come for a past retreat, joined or considered us for a prior Pesach, or are looking for someplace new and unique, this coming holiday program is going to be like none other!



The Pearlstone Center’s largest meeting room is transformed into the Pesach Shul, complete with traditional mechitzah, bima and aron kodesh, and stocked with siddurim and chumashim for your convenience. This large space (two stories tall!) is beautified by a 360-degree complete-room Torah-inspired mural, setting the tone for a visually and acoustically vibrant davening experience. Powerful and uplifting voices guide our 3-service daily davening. Pearlstone Center’s Library also provides gemoras and other seforim for whenever you may want to take in some Torah learning as well.



At Pearlstone, we value connections between people and the earth, embracing all with loving warmth. We offer impactful, hands-on experiences that enable people to connect to Jewish roots, inspiring them to embrace those values. Our environment and programs integrate body, mind, heart and soul as we live, teach and inspire the practice of environmental sustainability. Our Pesach at Pearlstone program exemplifies these values. We look forward with great excitement to creating an amazing Pesach experience for you and your family!

Pesach 2022

check back around October 2021 for information and pricing on the 2022 Immersive Pesach Retreat