Many unique amenities await you…..
“Get-away” without going far away – and feel like you’re a world away!

Over the past decade and more, Pearlstone has developed a uniquely enjoyable ten-day, nine-night Passover vacation experience. Now in our 14th year, Pesach at Pearlstone provides a beautiful, Torah observant communal atmosphere, engaging participants of all ages and perspectives with comfort, care, and entertainment. Whether you’ve come for a past retreat, joined or considered us for a prior Pesach, or are looking for someplace new and unique, this coming holiday program is going to be like none other!



The Pearlstone Center’s largest meeting room is transformed into the Pesach Shul, complete with traditional mechitzah, bima and aron kodesh, and stocked with siddurim and chumashim for your convenience. This large space (two stories tall!) is beautified by a 360-degree complete-room Torah-inspired mural, setting the tone for a visually and acoustically vibrant davening experience. Rabbi Aaron Frank’s spirited davening complemented by Cantor Yehoshua Redfern’s powerful and uplifting voice guides our services. Pearlstone Center’s Library also provides gemoras and other seforim for whenever you may want to take in some Torah learning as well.



Pearlstone’s mission is based in igniting Jewish passion; our peaceful retreat center, sustainable farm, and dynamic programming enable and inspire vibrant Jewish life. Our Pesach at Pearlstone program exemplifies this mission. We look forward with great excitement to creating an amazing Pesach experience for you and your family!



For more information or to make your reservations:
Laura Leventhal, Director of Guest Services