Pearlstone ignites Jewish passion and enables people to authentically connect to their Jewish roots.

Impactful, hands-on experiences bring Jewish tradition to life while fostering connections in body, mind, heart and soul.

We look forward with great excitement to creating an unforgettable,  one-of-a-kind, and meaningful Pesach experience for you and your family!

Learning | Entertainment | Community

Grounded in earth-based Torah, a robust schedule of thoughtful Jewish content enables connection to Judaism, community, and the natural world. Programs for adults and kids of all ages include hands-on activities, thought-provoking lectures, nature adventure, arts & crafts, games, and more!


The Pesach Shul is complete with traditional mechitzah, bima, aron kodesh, and stocked with siddurim and chumashim. A Torah-inspired floor-to-ceiling mural sets the tone for a visually and acoustically vibrant davening experience. Powerful and uplifting voices guide daily services.

180 acres of Nature Connection, Adventure and quiet reflection

*some amenities are only accessible under direct supervision of Pearlstone Staff which will be designated in the schedule

Upcoming Programs & Events