Pearlstone’s expansive campus satisfies energetic guests with a ropes course, zip line, and sports of all kinds – baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, and more. Along with yoga and a variety of trail walks, many of these activities fill our robust schedule on a daily basis. Full- and half-day Chol HaMoed trips, on- and off-site activities, as well as hands-on lessons led by Pearlstone’s own professional Programming Team will appeal to kids, teens, adults only, families and multi-generational groups. Engaging targeted social activities for adults and kids of all ages include an inviting selection of lectures, painting and other arts & crafts, game tournaments, movies and magic.


The Pesach 2019 Schedule will be posted in January. Upon arrival, guests can check into their rooms then enjoy a tour of our farm and pasture. Kids are introduced to each other and our group leaders through creation of fun arts & crafts projects that they can bring to their Seder tables.

This year’s program schedule will be jam packed with exciting lectures, wilderness and indoor activities, trips and more! To view last year’s schedule as a sample of the fun you’ll have, CLICK HERE.