Join us for Shavuot at Pearlstone, June 3-7, 2022!

This annual immersive retreat is filled with inspiring Jewish learning, spirited singing, festive farm-to-table meals, and a pluralistic community building experience.  Enjoy multiple learning tracks about Judaism and sustainability, keynotes from guest scholars, delicious, healthy food, music, and activities for people of all ages.  This multigenerational gathering of participants, both local and distant, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience deep Torah learning and collective communal engagement.



2022 Schedule of Activities

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Moving Testimonials from previous Shavuot Retreats

“After having absorbed the experience and reflected upon it, I rate the Beit Midrash a 10. Your form would only allow me to go to 5. ? It gets an Oscar in the category of “Best Performance by a Community Dedicated to a More Important World”! Kol HaKovod to the entire team. Everyone I met was warm and welcoming and made me feel included. Many, many, Todahs!”
– Jim Farley, Leichtag Foundation

“Your calendar song/dance/thought piece was amazing and blew my mind. In my opinion that’s exactly the kind of thing that should be happening at gatherings like that — radical interactive community workshop creativity leveraging all the spirit and resources of all the people in that room. Kol hakavod. And of course the whole weekend was a blast.”
– Dan Kieval, Education Coordinator, Teva Learning Alliance

“I am so happy that I attended the Pearlstone meeting. It was well organized and welcoming. I participated in several Beit Midrash and actually found myself saying something for a change instead of sitting back and letting others discuss. My interpretations were wrong–OFTEN!!!! But people were willing to listen to my ideas (as I was willing to listen to theirs). What also greatly impressed me was how people were interested in what I had to say about micro-organisms and their impact on the environment. There were people of ALL ages in my group–but I was so impressed with the “kids” Most were of graduate student age. They asked so many questions that I wasn’t even able to finish my talk!!!! TEE HEE!!! I love that kind of intelligence and interest!!!!! It was so refreshing!!! And of course, I was impressed with the spirit of the kids as they were celebrating Judaism in the way that their parents and grandparents and GREAT grandparents had taught them. This was so different from the staunch services that I am used to–people were singing and dancing and laughing….. I do not think that I have seen so much joy, perhaps not even during Simchat Torah!!!! I loved meeting the laying hens and the goats!!!! And the food was GREAT!!!!!”
– Lauren Brandon, Speaker, “Shmirat Ha’adamah from a Scientist’s Perspective”

Experience the Past with Shavuot Sojourn Online

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