With the excellent success and rollout of vaccines, we are able to offer our more traditional immersive retreats with some modifications for COVID-19 safety like masks, outdoor dining and social distancing!    

Please see below for some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions


You have many types of rooms - what does it all mean?

Rooming descriptions: Hotel style rooms in either Orchard Guest Rooms or Garden Lodge Dormitory Suites offer a variety of styles to accommodate a range of preferences & budgets. All meals will be provided as part of this package. We also welcome Campers to enjoy life under the stars as another affordable option with designated camping sites.

Enjoy Woodleaf or Tall Oaks, our fully furnished homes with full kitchens, private bathrooms and gathering spaces provide the perfect retreat and allow for physical distancing. Homes can accommodate up to 14 people. All or some of the meals and light programming can be provided for an additional cost.

Or choose a cabin in the woods in one of our beautiful Fidler’s Grove Cabins. Our largest Cabin has a full kitchen as well.

What are you following for COVID Safety for guests?

We ask families to follow our ⅔ rule which is to always have two of these three things: masking, distancing, and/or outdoors. So you can be outside and distant and unmasked or outside and close and masked or inside and distant and masked.

Do I need to get tested before coming to Sukkahfest?

Everyone who comes to Sukkot at Pearlstone needs to have a PCR test taken no earlier than October 6, and must present negative results at check-in.

We will also be asking all guests to complete a health questionnaire on the day of arrival that details your potential exposure or recent symptoms. We ask that everyone acknowledge a set of guidelines, including being aware of current policies and guidelines regarding mask wearing.

What are the cleaning/disinfecting procedures?

Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces is significant in controlling the spread of viruses, and other microorganisms. Materials and equipment have been limited, and outdoor activities and have been planned according to social distancing measures. Where possible all materials will be provided to individuals. All materials and equipment will be sanitized between use.

A cleaning and disinfection schedule is in place for all Pearlstone locations with clear accountabilities assigned to specific staff. Additional staff has been assigned solely to focus on enhanced daily cleaning procedures. Pearlstone will provide cleaning and disinfecting of communal spaces between groups along with cleaning and disinfecting of any shared items between uses. When possible, campers will be assigned items and materials to reduce the quantity of items shared.

Is my room safe and clean?

All rooms will have been thoroughly cleaned before your arrival with special COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

What is the refund policy?

Please see our immersive retreat cancellation policy here

Additional questions? Please contact Chani Pearlstein at cpearlstein@pearlstonecenter.org