Tending the Wild and Permaculture

Sunday June 28, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

How much time have you spent in the forest lately?

Forests, meadows, wetlands, and other incredibly productive and regenerative ecosystems are our home here in the Chesapeake region.  Relating skillfully to these living landscapes has so many benefits we often miss today personally, professionally, and as a community.

What will you learn in this workshop?

This workshop teaches you about Tending the Wild (also called caretaking) and Permaculture as practical approaches to growing a skillful, interactive relationship with the land.  Today and throughout history indigenous cultures embody insights and methods for tending to the “wild” ecology in ways that utilize harvests, increase biodiversity, and support multi-generational vitality.  Permaculture is a holistic design approach that methodically weaves housing, agriculture, energy, medicine, community, and even entertainment into a harmonious relationship with the living earth we all share and love.

How will you learn in this workshop?

Joe Murray, a beloved caretaker and wilderness educator, and Greg Strella, Pearlstone’s chief stewardship officer, will share stories and guide a walk-through forests and fields to see living examples.   You’ll also learn about opportunities to grow your skills like Pearlstone’s Nature Awareness course and Permaculture Design Certificate Course featuring Practical Permaculture author Dave Boehnlein.

Meet Your Instructor: Joe Murray, Caretaker/ Naturalist

At Pearlstone since 2015, Joe Murray has been teaching nature connection since 1997 and has made it his life’s work to learn from the indigenous peoples of the earth and share the old ways with as many people as possible. Joe teaches wilderness survival, naturalist and Indigenous skills to homeschooling groups, school field trips, adult classes, Tiyul adventurers and retreat guests. Additionally, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge of the wild and the animals that live there.






Cost: $45 per person

Questions? Contact Greg Strella at gstrella@pearlstonecenter.org or 410-500-5382


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