Teva works to fundamentally transform Jewish education through experiential learning that fosters Jewish, ecological, and food sustainability.

Jewish learning from the (sacred) ground up. 

Teva connects Jewish youth to G!d’s Creation through immersive experiences that help them develop a deep connection to nature and Jewish tradition.  

I want to thank you for giving my son something that he truly needed in Teva. If the measurement of ones adventures in life is the impact it has upon them, then the Teva adventure has gone far beyond its goal!  ~ Teva Parent

Teva has transplanted! 

In gratitude and partnership with our friends at Hazon and Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Pearlstone is proud to serve as Teva’s new national headquarters! With beautiful facilities, a widely accessible location, and fifteen years of experience running outstanding Teva programs, Pearlstone will nurture Teva into a new phase taking root in the hearts and minds of students and teachers for many years to come!

Since 1994, Teva has served over 450 day schools, congregations, camps, JCCs, BJEs, youth groups, and other Jewish institutions. More than 100,000 individuals have benefited from Teva’s programs, spanning all Jewish denominations including secular and interfaith groups.

We are thrilled that Teva will now be housed at Pearlstone. The exceptional quality of the Teva educational experience will be well matched by the high quality facilities at Pearlstone. I can’t wait for our city kids to be introduced to the Pearlstone campus and guided through the experience by their exceptional educators. ~Amanda Pogany, Head of School, Luria Academy, Brooklyn

Teva’s flagship program is Shomrei Adamah, a multi-day immersive Jewish outdoor education experience for 5th and 6th graders. Over the course of their journeys through the forest, farm, and meadows, students will come away from their experience excited about what Jewish tradition can contribute to humanity’s understanding of and relationship with the environment!  Learn More… about Teva’s immersive day school program, Shomrei Adamah.  

We had the privilege of bringing groups of middle schoolers to Pearlstone for two years and both times it was an excellent experience. We loved the facilities, the food, and the programming. We loved the way that they offered our city-kids the opportunity to gain hands-on, direct experience with the natural world, with wonderful animal life and all of it was embedded with a Jewish lens. We also took advantage of its proximity to Washington DC and spent some time having meaningful experiences in DC as well. The students loved the active adventure opportunities at Pearlstone and also loved simply waking up to a beautiful setting, away from all that was familiar to them. As a school that has appreciated all that Teva has to offer schools, we are particularly excited about this partnership and imagine trying to extend our stay even longer in the coming years now with this enhanced partnership.  ~Ilana Ruskay-Kidd, Head of School, The Shefa School, NYC 

How to Participate 

Want to bring your Jewish day school to Teva?
Contact Eli Bass at teva@pearlstonecenter.org to learn more and register. 

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