Thrive: Eco Learning Workshops

This series of learning experiences aims to empower participants with stewardship and sustainability knowledge through guided learning and immersive exploration.

Join Pearlstone’s passionate crew of fun-loving and talented educators, as well as community partners, for hands-on programs that will promote stewardship, sustainability, interconnectedness and responsibility to ourselves, each other, and earth.

  • Pearlstone programs are anchored in loving community and joyful nature connection integrated with Jewish wisdom.
  • We welcome adults of all cultural backgrounds, faith traditions, and ages (13+) into guided learning focusing on skills and topics that promote personal and community skill building and knowledge.
  • Each workshop is  on a Sunday from 1 – 3 PM, using the beautiful Pearlstone campus as an outdoor classroom.

OCT 10, 2021: DIY Outdoor Shelters – building & habitat exploration

Have you ever wondered what kind of habitat and housing humans and other creatures need to survive? Build a debris hut and explore with Baltimore American Indian Center.

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NOV 7, 2021: Seed Saving for Abundance

Seed saving is an ancient practice and used to be a firm part of the gardening calendar. Learn about food resilience with the Black Yield Institute.

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DEC 12, 2021: Lighting Up – candle making and renewable energy

From making your own bees wax candles to using portable solar panels, learn with Interfaith Power & Light and Plisko Sustainable Solutions.

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Jan 9, 2022: Food Preservation Through the Seasons – pickling and fermenting

Learn the basics of preserving produce through the process of fermentation and pickling in this hands-on interactive workshop.

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FEB 6, 2022: Sparking Joy – fire building and techniques for natural land care

Learn how to create that magical first spark of a fire and other fire-making skills.

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MAR 6, 2022: Planting for Pollinators – creating habitat to attract birds & bees

Learn about the benefits of pollinators, how to create a pollinator paradise in your own yard, and the importance of biodiversity on earth.

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APR 10, 2022: Flying High – Bird identification and bird language

What time is bird happy hour? Learn about the nuances of bird language and identify bird species that live at Pearlstone - we have identified over 50 so far!

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Previous Sessions:

SEP 12, 2021: Tuning in to the World Wood Web – forest bathing and tree identification

A multi-sensory exploration of the sounds and scents of nature with the Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition.

AUG 8, 2021: Go with the Flow: Creek walk and exploration of stream health

Cool off and chill out! Come prepared to get your feet wet as we journey together in Pearlstone’s beautiful creek.

Pearlstone’s Commitment

As a leader in responsible land stewardship & sustainability practices, Pearlstone is eager to improve the resilience of our planet by collaborating and sharing our knowledge with as many environmental enthusiasts and partners as possible.
To create broad and lasting change, we seek to engage, empower, and encourage a diverse network of participants of all ages, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, and socio-economic status.