Beth Denaburg



Beth is an environmental educator and Jewish farmer who loves facilitating nature-based experiences. She has a Masters in environmental geography and many years’ experience working in the environmental sector before becoming an educator. She enjoys swimming, singing, and snow.

Hili Harel

Israeli Shaliach


Hili is Pearlstone’s Israeli shaliach. She provides insights and wisdom of environmental and cultural experiences from multiple perspectives. She enjoys nature exploration, connecting to edge experiences, and laughing out loud.

Joan Plisko

Pearlstone Community Sustainability Director


Joan is an avid sustainability and outdoor enthusiast, strategic planner, researcher and educator. Her life’s work revolves around the natural world and based on the premise that people and the environment in which they live, work, play, and pray can become healthier and more resilient with knowledge, assistance, and recognition.

Joe Murray



Joe is many things including the caretaker at the Pearlstone. He has been teaching nature connection since 1997 and has made it his life’s work to learn from the indigenous peoples of the earth and share what he has learned with others. Joe has mentored thousands of kids and helped design the curriculum for several wilderness schools. He is a founding member of the nonprofit Ancestral Knowledge.

Stephanie Katsampis



Steph is a well-travelled and experientially teacher. She has lived “off the grid” in the southeastern woodlands, worked at a hostel in the arroyos of New Mexico and studied yoga in the tropics of Hawaii. In her teachings she threads together the communion between people, land and spirituality. Steph enjoys storytelling, making maps, sitting quietly in nature and inspiring students of all ages.

Stern Christian



Stern is Pearlstone's Lead educator and all around earthy guy who facilitates immersion and connection to people, land, and community.

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