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OCT 10, 2021: DIY Shelter Building & Habitat Exploration

Have you ever wondered what kind of habitat and housing humans and other creatures need to survive? Together with the Pearlstone educators, the Baltimore American Indian Center, and other participants, you will build an outdoor shelter and explore some of the existing shelters on Pearlstone’s campus. Pearlstone educators will share wisdom and knowledge of different kinds of outdoor shelter, spanning animals, different cultures and religions. Please come prepared to get dirty as we will be walking in the woods and using natural materials to create a debris hut.

$20 per person | $10 for BIPOC Participants

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Community Partner: Juan Boston is the Vice Chair of the Baltimore American Indian Center and the owner of B.S. Environmental, a Native American owned and operated engineering, construction, demolition and consulting firm established primarily to address environmental restoration, controlled development, and general preservation of Native American properties and holdings throughout the United States and Canada.

NOV 7, 2021: Seed Saving – Practical Steps to Enhance Food Resilience

Seed saving is an ancient practice and used to be a firm part of the gardening calendar. From sowing to growing to collecting and planting the following season, experiencing the full circle connection of seed saving is one of the finest things you can do to build resilience. Join members of the Black Yield Institute and Pearlstone educators for this hands on session of saving seeds. Participants will explore Pearlstone’s farm, learn how to save seeds, and engage in dialogue about food resilience.

$30 per person | $15 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in September.

Community Partner:
Based in Baltimore, Maryland, The Black Yield Institute is a think tank and collective action network that addresses food apartheid.

Dec 12, 2021: Lighting Up – Candle Making & Renewable Energy

There are many ways to generate and create clean light and energy. Make your own bees wax candles with Pearlstone educators, learn about renewable energy strategies for the home and the community with Interfaith Power and Light, and have a live demonstration powering small electronic devices with a portable solar panel with Plisko Sustainable Solutions.

$30 per person | $15 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in October.

Community Partners:

Joelle Novey is the director of Interfaith Power & Light which works with hundreds of congregations of many traditions across Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia to save energy, go green, and respond to climate change, Joelle serves on the advisory board of Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action, grew up in the Baltimore Jewish community at Chizuk Amuno Congregation, and is grateful to help neighbors go green and take climate action together.

Marc Plisko, Vice President of Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC is a curious person who enjoys discovering how things work and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Marc has a passion for protecting people in the occupational environment, and believes that our country’s workers are our greatest asset and protecting their well-being is an investment in our future.

JAN 9, 2022: Food Preservation Through the Seasons – Pickling & Fermenting

Learn the basics of preserving produce through the process of fermentation and pickling in this hands-on interactive workshop. Participants will explore the science, health benefits, and practicality of fermenting and pickling, will have the opportunity to taste some pickled and fermented foods, and will make jars of pickled veggies to take home.

$30 per person | $15 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in November.

FEB 6, 2022 Sparking Joy – Fire Building & Techniques for Natural Land Care

Learn how to create that magical first spark of a fire and other fire-making skills, such as the four elements needed to get a fire to burn, how to make a tipi, and a bow drill demonstration with Pearlstone’s illuminating educators. Participants will build a fire, gather to discuss how fire is used for land management at Pearlstone, and learn methods for natural land care at home and in the community.

$30 per person | $15 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in December.

MAR 6, 2022: Planting for Pollinators – Creating Habitat to Attract Birds & Bees

Every third bite we take comes from an animal-pollinated plant! However, pollinators are losing appropriate natural, non-toxic environments to survive. Participants in this session will learn how to create a pollinator paradise in your own yards.

$30 per person | $15 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in January.

APR 10, 2022: Flying High – Bird Identification & Bird Language

Birds are key to understanding the outdoor world. Bird calls, postures, and other behaviors convey a lot of information for whose attuned to their patterns. Participants will learn some of the nuances of bird language and join our educators to identify some of the bird species that live at Pearlstone -- we have identified over 50 so far!

$20 per person | $10 for BIPOC Participants

Registration for this session will open in February.

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