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Aug 14 - Follow the Flow

Participants joined the Pearlstone team and a representative from Ecotone in a walk through the recently restored, 1300 foot span of stream -- one year after the initiation of the construction! We literally walked in the water, getting our feet wet, while learning about the restored streambed and water ecology!

Sept 18 - Preparing the Harvest

Use the vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown at Pearlstone to prepare delicious treats.
Harvest and prepare delicious treats using the herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown on Pearlstone’s farmland! Our partner from the Baltimore American Indian Center joins us to share their knowledge on harvesting from the land.

Oct 2 - Biota $0

This course is FREE! Greenbelt Biota will be leading a nature walk and will help us categorize flora and fauna on Pearlstone's campus. Great for an expert and great for a complete beginner with lots to learn.

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Oct 23 - Wheat to Pita

Learn the cycle of growing and harvesting wheat to make your own pita. Plow, plant, reap, bundle, thresh, sort, grind, knead, and bake!

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Nov 13 - Foraging

Explore the woods to scope out usable plants and herbs for edible or medicinal purposes. We will forage for edible roots and sassafras to boil tea over a campfire!

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Dec 4 - Cordage

Join us to make two ply rope out of natural materials such as yucca or dogbane. It is pretty amazing to harvest a plant and then turn it into something useful. Learn the skills used by native Americans to be more self-reliant and resilience.

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Jan 22 - Sparking Joy

Join us for our THRIVE Winter Hike to “spark joy” into our cold months with a brisk hike, campfire circle, and spicebush tea.

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Feb 12 - Seeding for Spring

Learn about starting a garden, whether on a patio, in your yard, or in the community

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