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MAY 15, 2022: Food Preservation Through the Seasons

There are many ways to preserve food! Learn the basics of preserving produce and herbs through the processes of fermentation and drying in this hands-on interactive workshop. Participants will explore the science and health benefits of fermenting and the practicality of drying herbs. We will harvest herbs to dry and will make jars of pickled root veggies to take home. We will be joined by our community partner, Tomatlita Peterson of the Baltimore American Indian Center.

Tomalita is the Secretary of the Baltimore American Indian Center. She grew up in Lumberton, North Carolina and is part of the Lumbee Tribe, one of the largest Native American Tribes on the east coast -- nearly 60 thousand strong. Tomalita is a retired communications executive and will be sharing her wisdom and knowledge about growing and preserving food, passed down generationally.

Participants will have the opportunity to pickle freshly harvested vegetables from Pearlstone’s certified organic farm, make fresh herb bundles, and sip freshly harvested and brewed herb tea.

$20 per participant | $10 BIPOC participant rate

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