Way of the Wilderness: Survival and Mentoring Series

Long ago and today, native peoples all over the world have lived in harmony with the earth.

The landscape was their supermarket and the natural world around them was their intimate friend.

Learn the survival skills that people of the land all over the world have practiced for thousands of years. This course is for educators, extreme beginners, outdoor experts or anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of ecology.

This is a fantastic introduction to the core principles of our hands-on, nature-based educational model. Each class explores various wilderness skills that are rarely covered in modern traditional education, such as:

  • edible and medicinal plants
  • awareness exercises
  • Indigenous ecology and mentoring techniques
  • how to survive in the wilderness
  • animal behavior, and more!

NOTE: We acknowledge native and other mentors who cultivated the knowledge used for this class, and understand the word wilderness does not justly describe landscapes co-created by indigenous peoples whose eco-systems were much more abundant with life and biodiversity than is currently happening today.

$35 per person per class | discounts for any Associated employees; free for Pearlstone staff.

Classes through the fall on Sundays from 10:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Register here!

Meet Your Instructor Joe Murray:

Joe has been teaching nature connection since 1997 and has made it his life’s work to learn from the indigenous peoples of the earth and share the old ways with as many people as possible. During that time, he has mentored thousands of kids and helped design the curriculum for several wilderness schools and is a founding member of the nonprofit Ancestral Knowledge.

Special guest instructor, Renata Lynn will join us for our four-class edible and medicinal plant series.

Renata is a clinical herbalist specializing in midlife women’s health with a focus on supporting women through perimenopause with herbal medicine and nature-based self-care practices. As a part of the healing process, she helps women deepen their connection with nature through guided interaction and experience. Renata is available for individual consultations and leads nature workshops throughout Maryland. Learn more at her website renatalynn.com
Renata holds a Master of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism and a Post Masters Certificate in Clinical Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Maryland and has been a practicing chemist for 25 years. Her herbal medicine practice is informed by tradition, science, and a deep respect for the role of nature in the healing process.

Wilderness Adventures

Join our Wilderness Expert, Joe Murray, for adventures in your own backyard. View the entire playlist of Wilderness Adventures including edible nature walks, how to make a bow drill fire, building a debris hut, and more!

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