Pearlstone offers Adventure and Team Building activities that are fun for all ages.  Activities, descriptions, and age limits are listed below.

Pricing available upon request.  We would be happy to work with you to create a memorable program for your group.  We can combine activities from other categories to complete a full day of programming.  Please check out what we offer in Wilderness, Farm, and Crafts.


We can combine any of these programs together to make a larger program, and in some cases programs naturally come together with a ritual basis, for example a Havdallah program.  Please contact the program department with any questions.


Questions? Please contact the Program department at programs@pearlstonecenter.org

Group Initiatives

Also known as Team Building and Low Ropes

Group Initiatives will help groups of all ages to learn to work together in a respectful and effective manner. Groups are presented with a series of challenges which they solve by working as a team. Pearlstone staff help facilitate meaningful debriefing exercises focusing on communication, planning, respect, leadership, and responsibility which participants can take with them to school, teams, or work! (Groups of 13 or more will be split)

Age 9 and Up
Chaperones Required - 1:12
1-2 hrs

Rock Wall

Climb our Rock Wall

Participants will challenge themselves as they climb Pearlstone's rock wall. With the experience of getting clipped-in and wearing a helmet and harness, Pearlstone staff will promote positive teamwork and encourage expanding personal comfort zones.

Age 7 and up
15-20 Participants in 1 hour and 15 minutes

Zip Line (big and little)

Zip through the air on one of Pearlstone's three zip lines!!!

On Little Breezy participants (ages 4 and up) will start on a platform and zip downhill.
On Big Breezy participants (ages 3rd grade and up) will fly across Pearlstone's lake.
Our Woods Zip participants (ages 5th grade and up) will climb a up a tree to the starting point and enjoy a ride through the trees to finish back on the ground.

Little Breezy: approx 20 participants per hour - Ages 4 and up
Big Breezy: approx 12 participants per hour - Ages 8 and up
Woods Zip: approx 5 participants per hour - Ages 10 and up

Max weight restriction of 275 lbs

Team Games

Get your group thinking like a team!

Get your group thinking like a team with a series of games designed to introduce and reinforce basic team skills. Use this program to teach concepts such as collaboration, leadership, respect, and good sportsmanship. Team games is a great class to incorporate into any community building or positive behavior program.

Chaperones Required - 1:15
1 hour and 15 mins

High Ropes Adventure Course

Reach new heights on our 3-story high ropes course

Come by yourself or as a group on any day the ropes course is open! *Weight Restrictions: 44 to 285 lbs