Natural Crafts and other activities that are fun for all ages.  Activities, descriptions, and age limits are listed below.

Pricing available upon request.  We would be happy to work with you to create a memorable program for your group.  We can combine activities from other categories to complete a full day of programming.  Please check out what we offer in AdventureWilderness, and Farm.

We can combine any of these programs together to make a larger program, and in some cases programs naturally come together with a ritual basis, for example a Havdallah program.  Please contact the program department with any questions.

Questions? Please contact the Program department at programs@pearlstonecenter.org

Natural Dyeing

an interactive color exploration....

This program is an interactive color exploration through natural dyeing. Participants will learn about the symbolism and holiness associated with certain colors in Judaism. They will also learn how to harvest and use different parts of plants to create their own dye and take home a self-dyed object.

Ages 7 and Up
1 hour 30 minutes

Candle Making

Craft unique candles....

In this fun, interactive, hands-on program individuals will have the chance to craft their own unique candles. Guided by Pearlstone's seasoned team, each person will learn different ways candles have been crafted over the years, and choosing from a variety of waxes and colors, have the opportunity to make their own. They will also be invited to think about the role light has played in Jewish ritual over the years and how these rituals have influenced Jewish culture. *Ask about making a one-of-a-kind havdallah candles that participants can take home.

Ages 7 and Up
1 hour 30 minutes


Learn about textiles....

Using wool harvested from Pearlstone's sheep, learn about and practice the different stages of shearing, washing, blending, carding, spinning, and weaving. Build a deeper appreciation around textiles and the clothes you wear by learning about these intricate processes.

ALL Ages
1 hour 30 minutes

Lip Balms and Salves

natural and healthy.....

In the program learn how to make all natural, healthy ointments and salves. Gain a deep feeling of empowerment learning this important self-care skill. Enjoy time on the farm harvesting the herbs of your choice which you can infuse into your hand-made products

Ages 10 and Up
1 hour


Consider waste in a profound way.....

Learn about the Jewish value of Baal Tashchit (Do not destroy) in the interactive session that will invite participants to consider paper waste in a profound way. It will allow individuals to create their own new unique beautiful paper that will serve as a reminder of the precious resources that go into making a single sheet of paper, and will encourage new innovations around how to repurpose that which might otherwise be thrown away.

Ages 7 and Up
1 hour 30 minutes

Tinctures, Infused Oils, and Cordials

natural and healing.....

Learn how to make healing tinctures and infused oils from natural ingredients grown on our organic farm. As you create your own, you will have the chance to learn how they have been used in the Jewish tradition and you will leave with the skills to make them at home. You can also learn to make cordials, a delicious distilled liquor, infused with organic fruit. Each participant will leave with their own tincture, infused oil, or cordial.

Ages 8 and Up (except for cordials, must be over 21)
1 hour 30 minutes

Flower Crowns

magical wildflowers.....

Experience that magic of the farm with a wildflower hike, picking beautiful wildflowers for a one-of-a-kind flower crown. After the hike, participants will have the opportunity to work with Pearlstone educators to build their own unique crowns that they can take home.

Ages 5 and Up
1 hour 30 minutes

Tie Dyeing

old-fashioned fun....

Spend time with friends tie-dyeing a garment of your choice, making a one-of-a-kind item that you can take home as a keepsake of your time at Pearlstone. Learn about different pattern and color possibilities, and make something totally unique.

Ages 5 and Up
1 hour