Wilderness and Forest Exploration activities that are fun for all ages.  Activities, descriptions, and age limits are listed below.

Pricing available upon request.  We would be happy to work with you to create a memorable program for your group.  We can combine activities from other categories to complete a full day of programming.  Please check out what we offer in AdventureFarm, and Crafts.

We can combine any of these programs together to make a larger program, and in some cases programs naturally come together with a ritual basis, for example a Havdallah program.  Please contact the program department with any questions.

Questions? Please contact the Program department at programs@pearlstonecenter.org

Animal Tracking

Looking for prints and other signs of animal presence...

Animal Tracking -- looking for prints and other signs of animal presence -- is one of the simplest and most enduring ways to learn about the natural world. In this program, students will learn about the basics of animal tracking and then embark on a tracking expedition with an experienced outdoor educator to test out their new skills.

Suggested Age - 3rd grade and up
Chaperones Required - 1:10
1 hour and 30 mins

Day Hike

The day hike is for those groups that want to explore the natural beauty of the woods....

Getting participants into nature is one of the best things about bringing groups to Pearlstone. The day hike is for those groups that want to explore the natural beauty of the woods while experiencing teachable moments with their Pearlstone guide. Groups will explore nature while hiking through the woods, around our lake, ponds, and streams. Boots or sneakers required.

Can include additional activities upon request -- wild medicinals, animal languages, and native care-taking practices.*

Suggested Age -- 4th grade and up
Chaperones Required - 1:10
Standard 3-mile hike - 2 hours 30 minutes
*Adding the additional components will make it a 3 hour program

Night Walk and Campfire

Experience nature, stories, songs, and group bonding at night!

Guided at sunset or after nightfall, participants get to experience nature, stories, songs, and group bonding along Pearlstone's trails. This beautiful exploration is a unique opportunity for gaining a deeper connection to the majesty of the natural world while building group comradery as well as a heightened sense of confidence in oneself.

Night Walk - 1 hour
Camp Fire - 1 hour

Wilderness Survival and Nature Awareness

What does it take to survive in the wild?

The perfect class for any group, this session gets participants' hands dirty as they dig in to what it takes to survive in the wild. Groups discover the basic needs of food, shelter, and water as well as learning what to pack in a survival kit. Groups who choose the SHORT class choose between having participants build shelters or fires. Groups participating in the LONG class are able to build both fires and shelters.

Suggested Age - 4th-12th grade
Chaperones Required - 1:12

Fire OR Shelter building: 1 hour 30 minutes
Fire AND Shelter building: 3 hours

Can be a 4-part series of Shelter making, fire building, wild edibles, and nature awareness (see additional descriptions)

Creek Exploration

Explore the wonderful world of water!

A Pearlstone favorite, explore the incredible world that exisits in the life of one of Pearlstone's creeks. You'll come away from this fun, exploratory session with a unique understanding of the variet of creatures that exists in the natural world.

Ages 5 and up
Chaperones Required - 1:10 (ages 5-10); 1:12 (ages 10-18)
1 hour 30 minutes

Wild Edible Hike

Healthy foods all around you....

Explore our beautiful 180 acre campus while learning about the plethora of healthy foods all around you. Gain a feeling of empowerment while you learn about how to find nutritious foods right at your fingertips that you never even knew were there.

1-2 hours (depending on group request and seasonal availability)

Fire Making

Learn one of man's most ancient traditions....

Spend time learning about one of man's most ancient traditions, making fire. In this session individuals will learn one of the key survival skills including identifying and gathering appropriate wood, and how to create and sustain fire.

Suggested Age - 4th - 12th grades
Chaperones Required - 1:12
1 hour 30 minutes

Shelter Building

Learn how to create a shelter...

In this session participants will learn how to effectively create a shelter from the natural resources in the Pearlstone woods. You and your group will be amazed by how easy and fun it is to create a successful shelter to shield you from the natural elements.

Suggested Age - 4th-12th grades
Chaperones Required - 1:12
1 hour 30 minutes

Native Awareness and Bird Language

Learn native skills.....

Learn how to move and see like a fox, learn how indigenous people see the world, and learn the language of the birds.

Suggested Age - 2nd grade and up
2 hours

Cordage and Rope making

Learn a natural skill.....

Learn how to make rope or cordage out of natural materials from the land.

Suggested Age - 2nd grade and up
1 hour 30 minutes