Nature connection is vitally important to a healthy childhood.

In our commitment to increase access to outdoor education experiences, Pearlstone partners with students from Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary School, Liberty Elementary, Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary, and Furman L. Templeton Elementary.

Our partner schools come to Pearlstone for three field trips each school year, culminating with an immersive overnight experience at year’s end. Students collaborate through team building activities on our ropes course, learn about gardening and healthy eating, and practice caring for animals.

“We are grateful for all the tremendous experiences that have been provided to our students throughout the years…more than 90% of our kids live below the poverty line, and many of our students don’t leave the four-block radius of the school. To provide them this amazing experience, where they get to step out of their neighborhood, and experience the tranquility and lushness at Pearlstone is such a wonderful gift for our kids.”

– Joe Manko, Liberty Elementary School Principal

Promise Heights: Where Hope Takes Root

Pearlstone works with Promise Heights, an organization dedicated to supporting the students in one of city’s most at-risk areas of west Baltimore.

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"Our students get to experience new things...

...like watching the goats, feeding the chickens, and seeing seeds that they have planted spout into something this is beautiful and edible. It has been a tremendous experience and gift for all our students and becomes a highlight of their school year.”

Participation in the Baltimore City Schools Partnerships is a critical opportunity for students who are at the highest risk for trauma and violence.

Spending time in nature impacts their outlook on life and their response to the violence they encounter in their family or community.

More than just providing the students with an opportunity to taste fresh greens or brush goats, these visits give students a positive outlet for stress and an opportunity to heal the mind through the tranquility of Pearlstone’s beautiful campus and supportive programs.


  • Bancroft Fund

  • Davison / Ben & Zelda Cohen Foundation

  • Zimmerman

  • Kesher Fund of Cohen-Fruchtman

  • Nathan and Lillian Weinberg

Spending time in the natural environment has a number of positive mental, physical, and social impacts on children, reducing levels of stress and increasing positive self-thought.

One research study followed at-risk teenagers who were exposed to green curriculum, and found significant improvement in grades and graduation rates, as well as increased student responsibility, self-esteem, and self-confidence both at school and at home.

Experiences on the Pearlstone campus create inspiring, uplifting, healing moments for students.

The benefits of these transformative visits are carried throughout the school year, prioritizing social and emotional wellbeing, as well as health and environmental education.