Join us for our second amazing Summer of Tiyul Adventure Earth Skills camp!

Choose between two eight day sessions (or both!)

Ages 13-17

Session one: Bow, quiver & Arrow making or Leather & woodworking (choose either!)
June 26th-July 3rd

Session two: Knife and Hatchet making
July 3rd-July 1oth

Session Rate: $1450 ($1250 + $200 workshop fee)

The first session of Earth Skills camp is focused on either Bow-making and Archery, or Leather and woodworking. Campers will spend the week crafting their own handmade bow, leather quiver and arrows or a leather backpack, knife handle and leather sheath. Both tracks of this session will involve woodworking with files, and leather stitching. There are other tools and materials used during both tracks individually.

The second session will focus on Basic Blacksmithing, and woodworking. Campers will spend the week crafting their own knife and Hatchet using various tools and methods from hand filing, forging, heat treating and tempering to belt sanding. Wooden handles are filed, shaped, and put on with hammered copper pins. Sheaths will be made from leather stitched together. After all pieces are finished, the blades are sharpened using fine files/diamond stones and sandpaper (until then the blades are dull)

Throughout both sessions we will go on creek walks, pick wild edibles, go on night hikes, play capture the flag and harvest our own vegetables from the farm. In the evenings, we will build campfires, tell stories, and sing songs together. Students will spend all of their time outside, including camping out overnight in individual tents! The week will culminate with Shabbat under the stars and each camper leaving with a handmade tool, a new set of skills, and amazing memories. At Tiyul we weave Jewish wisdom into all of our activities, from learning a new skill like our ancestors to celebrating the Jewish calendar as we pick fresh food!

This class is taught by expert craftsman Peter Yencken. Peter has taught crafting with children and adults for many years and campers love his gentle, carefully guided mentorship. The days will be filled with learning the skills and tools used to create your own handmade product, and later on using it to practice archery, carve, and carry your belongings. All of the materials will be provided.

We are offering this program to 20 campers maximum per week.

Please only apply if you are ready to be focused and put quality care into your work.

It is sure to be a blast!

Questions? Ask Mira Menyuk, the Camp Director at tiyul@pearlstonecenter.org.




Peter Yencken grew up in Australia before moving to the US. While working for Tom Brown Jr – a renowned outdoorsman, tracker, teacher and author – Peter taught himself how to make traditional tools and everyday items. He began crafting knives, hatchets, bags, shoes and more, opening his world to endless possibilities. He first focused on creating these items for his own needs, but soon he began teaching anyone who is interested in learning these Earthskills.

Peter’s goal is to share traditional making skills that can be used in modern day living. He has taught classes for kids and adults all over the US and in Australia for various nature schools, folk schools and private groups.

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