Refund & Cancellation Policy:

Receive full refund, less non-refundable deposit, until February 1st

Receive 50%, less non-refundable deposit, until March 1st

Receive 25%, less non-refundable deposit, until April 1st

No refunds will be issued after May 1st


Payments Due:

Non-Refundable Deposit due upon registration

50% of payment due by – March 1st

Full payment due by – May 1st

Individual payment plans may be created with Camp Admin upon registration



Referral discount $75 for referrer AND referral (no limit)

2 Sessions $75 off each week



Deposit paid upon registration and submission of application

5-30% will be given chosen through the scholarship review committee

Other discounts will be granted and taken into consideration of total amount given

Applications due by February 1st


Refunds and Rebates:

All refunds and rebates will be issued after June 1st, including One Happy Camper

Any overpaid registrant, will be issued a refund within 10 days of submission