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In Perkei Avot, 5:20-21, Judah the son of Teimah describes the Jewish Wisdom Tradition of Torah as embracing the natural world and the full human lifecycle, as he says “Be strong as a leopard, and swift as an eagle, and fleet as a gazelle, and brave as a lion, to do the will of your Creator… He used to say: At five years of age learn reading; At ten learn repetition; At thirteen learn about responsibility; At fifteen learn how to learn; At eighteen how to partner; At twenty how to pursue a living; At thirty is the peak of strength; At forty wisdom; At fifty able to give counsel; At sixty old age; At seventy fullness of years…”

We embrace the wisdom of this two-thousand-year-old advice by connecting people to nature at every lifecycle milestone. We translate and embody Pirkei Avot’s Developmental Life Stages into our education vision.

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About Rabbi Petahyah Wolf Lichtenstein

Teacher, farmer, scribe, and designer. He serves as Director of Education at Pearlstone. Petahya graduated from the Rabbinical College of America and Pratt Institute of Design. He has served the Jewish community as a mentor and teacher of Earth-Based Torah and Jewish mysticism in both the US and Israel for over 20 years. As a Rabbi and speaker, Petahya has built trans-denominational relationships across every boundary and met in interfaith dialogue with the Vatican’s liaison to the Jewish people.

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