Climb to new heights!

High Ropes is a fun challenge for individuals* and groups!

In this unique adventure experience, reach new heights and push your limits on 3 stories, 24 bridges and 30-foot quick jump that make this modern course a thrilling challenge.

This course is meant to challenge physically and mentally in a safe and fun way. Participants wear a helmet and harness while attached to a self-belay system of wires and rope as you navigate a swinging bridge, woolly beam, tension traverse, vine walk and more. Trained educators assist as needed. After a brief 15 minute orientation, you will be on the course for up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Summer 2021 is here!

Individual/drop in Dates, Hours and Pricing will be shared soon.
Book a private adventure on the course for your group of 3 to 15!

group adventure request

Now taking reservations for birthday parties!

*Weight Restrictions: 44 to 285 lbs; Height Restrictions: Minimum height of 48″

If you are a retreat group, please contact your event planner to reserve for your group.

Questions?  Please contact Lee Fenner lfenner@pearlstonecenter.org