Join Pearlstone’s Campus Club: Nature Adventure for the Whole Family!

Campus Trails Map

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Get outside! Join the Pearlstone Campus Club and enjoy 180 acres of natural beauty and fun

• Hike our 3-mile Perimeter Trail

• Run our 2.2 mile Fitness Trail (outdoor fitness equipment coming soon!)
• Go Fishing in our Pond
• Play on our Basketball Court, Soccer, and Softball Fields


Campus Club visit options:

Daily Entry: $10
Monthly Pass: $20
Annual Membership: $180


Safety and security are our number one priority and CAMPUS CLUB allows us to control and monitor those on our property who wish to connect to nature in a loving and caring space. Please fill out this health questionnaire daily prior to your arrival.

Parking: next to the pools. Click here to view our campus map.

Bathrooms: Campus Club participants may use the bathroom labeled “Restroom and Shower” outside of the pool.

You are welcome to use the picnic tables outside the pool to do work. If you see a green cone on the table, that means that the table has been disinfected and is ready for use. When you use a table, please make sure to put the cone down on the floor so we know to disinfect it after.

Campus Access:

Monday - Friday – 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Parking: next to Forest Pavilion. Members receive campus map upon registration.
Food can be messy! You are welcome to bring food as long as clean up after yourself.

  • No entry into any indoor buildings or fenced-in areas including the farm and Animal Pasture. Farm and animal pasture tours and programs available upon request, including additional fees: contact info@pearlstonecenter.org
  • Face masks must be worn at the parking lot, kept with you at all times, and put back on whenever you come within 10 feet of another group.
  • Physical distancing is required of all campus club members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please maintain a minimum of 10 feet between groups, and please come with at least one other person whenever possible for safety purposes.
  • Bathrooms: Campus Club participants May use the bathrooms that are adjacent to the Forest Pavilion. The bathrooms are cleaned daily.
  • Pets are not allowed on site.
  • Water is essential. Bring some for every trip!
  • Leave No Trace: Anything you bring must be cleaned up and taken when you leave

Campus Club

Nature Adventure for the Whole Family!

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