We are calling out from our rooftops, literally – we have solar panels! 

Pearlstone is proud to:  

  • showcase our new rooftop solar installation 
  • offer community solar to our community members, and  
  • participate in the Associated’s large scale solar project.

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and plentiful and our goal is to rely on 100% renewable energy for powering our facilitiesWith the rooftop solar panels, participation in The Associated’s large scale solar project, and our ultimate vision for a solar pasture where sheep can graze beneath the panels, we believe in the power of the sun. We also want to help you go solar at home. 

On-site Solar

There is new energy at Pearlstone! We installed 10,000 square feet of solar panels on the lodge rooftops. The 57 KW solar project is forecasted to generate more than 75,000 KWhrs per year and will save about $9,500 in electricity costs each year. The expected life of the panels is 25 years.

Community Solar

Go Solar at Home with Community Solar: It doesn’t matter if you rent, lease or own your home. You can take advantage of community solar if you pay a utility bill. Neighborhood Sun & Pearlstone have partnered up to make sure every Marylander has an opportunity to get clean energy powering their home and each subscription through this page provides a donation to Pearlstone.

Go Solar

Solar Projects

Solar Energy - Clean & Renewable